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The sickness begins.

May 24, 2010

Up and at it but thankfully not too early because it is a packed day. We are scheduled for breakfast at Didi's church at 9:00. Thankfully it is just a short walk. After breakfast we are headed to Einstadt to sing. First stop at Einstadt was a local's home for lunch. We arrived to a beautiful setting amongst the trees. They had us soup and sandwiches to eat and drinks. We did a little concert for them in their home and then on their front porch for their neighbors. Next stop the town of Einstadt. Our first stop was Esterhazy Palace. This place was special to our musical people due to the history it has with the composer Joseph Haydn. Variations was able to sing in the chapel where Haydn played the organ. They were able to sing on the stage where Haydns finished pieces were performed. It was an awe inspiring experience for all. After this tour we went and sang in some pedestrian zones as sort of a commercial for the concert that night. We went and had some refreshments / dinner at a local home where the choir sang a song for them. Then off to get ready to sing for the night. It was another good concert with a packed house. Back to the hotel around 10:00p.m. The sickness begins.