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Bluefield Blogs

God's love through our actions and expressions.

May 26, 2010

This morning, we ate breakfast at the hotel and then we walked down to greet our hosts in Steyr. They led us to a shopping area where lots of people were walking around or eating at cafes. We would walk and then stop and sing to whoever would listen and pass out flyers for our concert tonight. A lot of people seemed interested. If you recall, only 2% of Austrians claim to be evangelical christians of any denomination. So this is a good opportunity to get people into a church. After singing, we went to lunch at a chinese restaurant where some of the people who haven't been able to eat much were finally able to eat! Lunch was delicious, then afterwards we went shopping! We met back at the host church for coffee and desserts before heading off to the destination of our concert. Our night concert was held at a catholic church in Steyr. We put our stuff down and did some warm up before heading to dinner. For dinner we had pizza, so today was a familiar foods day. The concert had a great turn out! We were even asked to do 3 encore songs! Afterwards, we talked with the people who came to the concert, alot of whom were from the streets this afternoon. One lady in particular that I spoke with told me that she came in tired and left feeling "fresh." Many people commented on the brightness and the smiles on our faces as we sang. They said that they could really tell that we were singing from our hearts. When the language forms a barrier in our ministry, we have to strive even harder to show God's love through our actions and expressions. I feel like we really accomplished that tonight. -Jackie Boyer