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A fantastic day!

May 23, 2010

Oh what a fantastic day!!!! The day begin with a wonderful service at Vienna International Baptist church. This church is a very multicultural church with people from many countries. It was a very uplifting, Spirit filled service. After the services the church served us lunch, potluck. There was such a variety of food it was hard to find roon on the plate. There was local food and some american food with an Austrian twist such as beanie weenies, i think with bratwurst. There was this bread there that was a hit with all. It was kind of like a sourdough bread deep fried. Oh it is hard to explain. After the meal, a quick trip back to the hotel to change clothes and head off to the next stop.

After we changed our clothes e headed off to Mariazell. Where we were headed to a church camp which was being held at a hostel there. The ride there was absolutely amazing. It gave us the view of the beautiful Austrian country side. We were able to see some of the "typical" Austrian homes with the slanted roofs for the snow to fall off. After about 2 hours travel we finally reached the hostel were we were greeted by another amazing view from the hostel. This church camp was being hosted by Didi's (our guide) home church. They call this a pilgrimage a time of renewal and togetherness for them. After settling in we had dinner and a few minutes to stop and relax or have fun. The concert began and it was another wonderful experience, another Spirit filled concert. The people are so warm and welcoming and so excited to hear about Christ wether it be through music or the spoken word. With the final song by Variations, we actually had a Congo line. We finally reached the hotel that night about midnight.