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God's love through our actions and expressions.

This morning, we ate breakfast at the hotel and then we walked down to greet our hosts in Steyr. They led us to a shopping area where lots of people were walking around or eating at cafes. We would walk and then stop and sing to whoever would listen and pass out flyers for our concert tonight. A ...

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Headed to Steyr

Choir headed to Steyr. Scheduled to sing at church for lunch and then concert that night. Due to the sickness those still ill stayed in Vienna until 2:30 and was brought to Styer by DiDi. Concerts were still held. Just to give everyone an update. There seems to be a wave of sickness that the ...

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The sickness begins.

Up and at it but thankfully not too early because it is a packed day. We are scheduled for breakfast at Didi's church at 9:00. Thankfully it is just a short walk. After breakfast we are headed to Einstadt to sing. First stop at Einstadt was a local's home for lunch. We arrived to a beautiful ...

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A fantastic day!

Oh what a fantastic day!!!! The day begin with a wonderful service at Vienna International Baptist church. This church is a very multicultural church with people from many countries. It was a very uplifting, Spirit filled service. After the services the church served us lunch, potluck. There was ...

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We hit the ground running!

We hit the ground running! Once we got to the hotel our hosttourguide took us on a walking tour of central Vienna. It was a whirlwind tour but it had to be we were on a timeline. We all learned how to take photos without stopping, could lead to some interesting photos. There was several ...

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